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Wine Merchants London

Located in the heart of London’s Mayfair, Hedonism Wines is a new fine wine and spirits boutique who firmly believes that there are many things which one should enjoy in life and wine is certainly one of them.

The new range of Scotch at Hedonism Wines is not to be missed out on. Including over 800 Scottish Single Malts along with a whole host of great Kentucky Bourbons, Japanese whiskies, Irish blends and more, they will have whatever you’re looking for, from a great everyday Scotch such as Macallan 10 year old Sherry Oak to an extra special bottle like 50 year old Highland Park they have most certainly got something for everyone, and for every occasion.

If great, blended Scotch is your favorite tipple, why not try 25 Year Old Chivas Regal. It’s a rich, full-bodied whiskey which won Jim Murray’s “Whisky of the Year” award in 2010. However, if you prefer to relax with a single malt, there are many more in the new range to consider.

A 25 Year Old bottle of Glenmorangie “Quarter Century” is a complex, elegant whiskey which represents the distillery’s oldest bottling which you might be interested in, or perhaps a supreme, balanced whisky with a beautifully peaty finish such as an 18 Year Old  bottle of Talisker would be more suited to you.

Whether it’s an 18 year old bottle of Laphroiag which is a mellower style whiskey or Taiwanese single malt such as Kavalan FINO Cask which has been awarded 97 points by renowned whiskey critic Jim Murray, Hedonism wines is bound to find something for you.

Their space is fully temperature and humidity controlled with heat free lights in order to keep the wines in pristine condition and to keep warm you can wrap up in a nice throw and taste some exquisite fine wines from the Enomatic machines at the tasting table.


Luxury Shops in London

English: The Royal Arcade (completed in 1880),...

English: The Royal Arcade (completed in 1880), Old Bond Street W1, Mayfair, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bond Street is a major shopping street in the West End of London that runs north-south through Mayfair between Oxford Street and Piccadilly, esteemed throughout the world for its wealth of chic and elegant stores, luxury brands, designer fashion, exclusive goods, fine jewels, art and antiques.

Right in the heart of historic Mayfair, Bond Street has become a haven for gracious living. Since 1700 it has been a playground for society’s wealthiest, most stylish and influential people. The southern section is known as Old Bond Street, and the northern section, which is rather more than half the total length, is known as New Bond Street. This distinction, however, is not generally made in everyday usage.

It is one of the most expensive strips of real estate in the world and past residents of the street include Admiral Horatio Nelson and Lady Emma Hamilton alongside many well-known poets and authors. The street still remains a sought after destination for celebrities, socialites and much of the international jet set.

The street houses some of the world’s most prestigious retailers, some of which include Burberry, Chanel, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermés, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Ralph Lauren and much more.

The street offers an unrivalled mix of history, traditional elegance and modern luxury boasting and impressive number of Royal Warranties and surrounded by some of the world’s most individual hotels and restaurants, including The Ritz and Tamarind of Mayfair, as well as The Royal Academy.

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chocolatier london

Britian has the second highest rate of chocolate consumption rate in Europe

A chocolate bar and melted chocolate. Chocolat...

The British have the second highest rate of chocolate consumption rate in Europe and are ranked seventh in the entire world. London is home to a large amount of chocolatiers and the industry is worth £3.2 billion to the United Kingdom’s economy. London chocolate is some of the finest chocolate available in the country.

Chocolate has been proven to be good for your health if consumed in small amounts, and black chocolate is filled with antioxidants, anti-aging properties and can increase levels of serotonin and endorphins and relieve stress. It is also said to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Thankfully London already knows about the goodness of chocolate and the London chocolate scene is home to some of the best chocolatiers such as William Curley, Rococo Chocolates and Artisan Du Chocolate. London is one of the few cities that truly values good tasting chocolate and because of this there are many events that take place throughout the year in honour of their love for chocolate.  These events include National Chocolate Week, London Chocolate Week, London Chocolate Tours, London Chocolate Festival, and Chocolate Museums.

The London Chocolate tour is highly popular with visitors. On the guided tour you will be taken to some of the best dessert boutiques and chocolatiers in London to taste the delicious chocolates and you will pick up some fascinating chocolaty facts and tips as well as some history about the capital of England.

The London Chocolate Festival with free admission is an opportunity for chocolate lovers to see all the best London chocolatiers, many of them award winning as well as new chocolate companies, lined up side by side at this outdoor market festival and even talk to them. The festival is located in the square behind the Royal Festival Hall. Demonstrations and talks take place where you can hear about all the benefits of chocolate, how you can incorporate chocolate into regular dishes and even some chocolate tastings.

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Mission Rs – Worlds Fastest Electric bike 0-60 3 seconds! £60k

Ideal city centre run around

Bossluxury luxury News

Do you remember when super fast electric cars and  Motor bikes were something that only really worked in films? Well it appears that that time has finally arrived to reality, no longer are real electric vehicles capable of 4mph and a 24 hour recharge every 5 miles. The new MIssion Rs Super electric motorbike is here and its a real contender as a petrol alternative for those with deep pockets. 0-60 in only 3 seconds. Can you believe it?

Common automotive belief associates fast cars and motorcycles with gas-power. The Mission RS proves otherwise. Crowned the fastest electric motorcycle on the face of this speed-loving planet, the Mission RS is unlike any electric motorcycle we’ve had the privilege to see, ride or hear of before. This one requires no gas-power and uses its energy efficient insides to pump adrenaline through you. With zero emissions and inexpensive maintenance, this motorcycle was…

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In pictures: An island of luxury at Sveti Stefan

Just look how beautiful this is

On the Luce

Just off the Montenegrin coast, Sveti Stefan is a perfect teardrop-shaped island with terracotta-tiled buildings and evergreen trees set in a turquoise bay. It dates back to the 15th century and started off as a fortified fishing village.

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Choosing a Champagne

Whether looking to impress that special someone or simply seeking out a high quality Champagne for a celebration or get-together, it is always advised to bear a few of the basic in mind to make sure a wise investment is made.

It can certainly prove a little tricky to pick out the very highest quality Champagne given the number of possibilities on the market, so let’s take a brief look at some of the element and qualities to look for to source Champagne that is sure to fit the bill every time.

One of the most common misconceptions about champagne is that the price is the sole reason in relation to determining the quality of the contents. When choosing Champagne, the first thing to do is to set your budget. The pricier, most established luxury Champagnes are out of the price reach for many and so an estimated figure of how much you wish to spend on Champagne is key. While such should certainly be factored in, it is by far the only consideration to make.

There is no requirement to spend a fortune, but bear in mind that high quality Champagne at bargain prices simply does not exist!

The quantity you require is also imperative; is it just for you, a family of 4 or a party of 10? See our Champagne Bottle sizes section to see which Champagne bottle is most suited to your needs.

Next, and what is arguably the most important part; the taste. This all depends on your palate and which flavours and aromas you respond best to. Carefully reading the bottle’s label is very important and if it is labelled as “Grand Cru” then it has come from the best Champagne vineyards in the world. If a year of production is not listed on the label then it is referred to as a non-vintage bottle.

The sparkle and colour of the Champagne play a part in this as well the different types of Champagne, whether fruity, dry or sweet. The colour of Champagne can vary greatly from silver to pink. The amount of sparkles certain Champagne has is greatly influenced by how it is stored and served which can be perfected with our Champagne storage guide.

All true Champagne originates from the French wine-making region which bears the same name…it really is as simple as that. As such, any other wine, regardless of quality, price and prestige, can never truly be classified as Champagne. The method of differentiating between real and fraudulent Champagne is therefore as simple as checking exactly where it was produced.

Another element to factor into the decision making process is that of grape varieties used. Now, in this instance, the decision comes as much down to personal preference as anything else, as there are a number of grape varieties used, each with its own unique characteristics. However, those at the very top of the industry view the blending of grape varieties to produce champagne something of a second-class option, producing non-vintage Champagne loved by millions though frowned on by some.

The only other consideration to bear in mind would be that of Champagne house to opt for, though again such pertains as much to personal preference as anything else. Traditional names such as Bollinger and Krug continue to fly the flag for the industry just as they always have, though new and equally reputable producers are coming to be with each and every year that passes.

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Not something you will see often. White on White Aston Martin Boss Style.

Its hard to make something so beautiful even better

Bossluxury luxury News

Not something you will see often. White on White Aston Martin Boss Style.

I am a big aston martin fan and have seen very few modified ones that i would say add, rather than detract from the original design, and ive seen even less in an all white overdose magnifico design like this. Well done to the owner of this elegant monster, its not to much but its just enough to make you think.

Work Like a Boss, Live like a Boss!

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24-Carat Gold Shoes

New Shoes?

Stand out from the crowd with these…

24-Carat Gold Shoes sold at Harrods

Posted on 12 June 2013 by Mila By C.

Bored of all your Louboutin, Charlotte Olympia and Zanotti shoes? Just go to Harrods and buy yourself a nice pair of shoes made of velvet covered in 24-carat gold for a change! Made with love by Alberto Moretti : )

The shoes will also be available at: Barney’s New York, Fred Segal Los Angeles, The Swank Hong Kong, and Level Shoe District Dubai.

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Rodial Discount | ELLE UK

Revlon launching beauty range with Marchesa

Rodial discount for ELLE readers

By Joely Walker Posted: Tuesday 11 June 2013

Butter London nails to launch make-up

Exclusive 20% off at Rodial

Rodial Fake Tan

Rodial Brazilian Tan

Bought your July issue of ELLE yet? Not only do you get a free Rodial fake tan you’re also entitled to claim your exclusive 20% discount on the entire Rodial skin and bodycare range. Lucky you.

Rodial is the cult beauty brand whose innovative creations cemented their place on our beauty wishlist from the get-go.

If we had to choose, our favourites would be the iconic Glamtoxy Snake Serum and (bikini-friendly) Size Zero sculpting body cream.

To claim your 20% off all you need to do is visit and enter our exclusive promotions code ELLE20 at the checkout.

We suggest stocking up while you have the chance – we definitely will be.

Plus, subscribe by 3 July 2013 and you’ll receive Rodial’s Skincare On The Go Kit worth £35 and 12 issues of ELLE for only £15.

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